Top 5 Home Buyers Dumbest Mistakes

Wednesday Dec 27th, 2017


Mistake #1 : Not knowing how much they can afford to pay for a house before they make an offer.

You can avoid this by getting pre-qualified for mortgage from Lender, so you know in advance exactly how much you can afford.

Mistake #2: Not finding out in advance whom the real estate agent represents.

You can avoid this by asking your REALTOR®.Most people think their agent is working for them. But unless the agent is working as your buyer representative, he/she represents the seller.

Mistake #3: Not realizing that the wrong mortgage can cost thousands of dollars in unnecessary interest 

You can avoid this by consulting with mortgage consultant, accountant, and/or financial planner before making final decision on which mortgage to choose. CPAs (Certified  Financial  Planners) can tell you the long-term effects on your income.

Mistake #4: Not discovering hidden defects before buying a home.

You can avoid this by hiring professional to conduct pre-purchase home inspection.

Mistake #5: Not knowing how debt can affect their ability to buy or refinance a home.

You can avoid this by asking your mortgage professional to help you review advise you on the best way to repair your credit if necessary.

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